To be the premier representational organization for potato processors in Idaho, and to work to develop, implement and retain policies and initiatives that will create the most attractive climate in the nation for potato processors to start, operate and grow.


To proactively develop and advocate a focused, common agenda of general interest to potato processors, vigorously defend the potato processing industry, and develop policies and initiatives that facilitate potato processors operating successfully.

Research Committee:

The purpose of the Research Committee is to meet to share information and to develop specific, proactive policy and research projects.  These projects are designed on a global scale for the benefit and greater understanding of environmental compliance and processing issues.  A significant portion of the Committee’s role is to develop practical solutions as good stewards of the environment.  The Committee works closely with other food processing entities, the Idaho Potato Commission, and environmental regulators and researchers to achieve these goals.

IACI supports the Idaho Potato Commission’s efforts to protect the Idaho Seal and the “Grown in Idaho” certification mark through strong enforcement of licensing agreements. IACI will oppose any legislation that attempts to weaken the enforcement powers of the Commission.

Please contact IACI for information on becoming a member of the Potato Processors.